Countdown, checklists, gardening …

So, the countdown for the twins’ open-house is in full swing.  Menu has been determined, multiple negotiations for set-up and décor have occurred, deep-cleaning is about to begin … Oh, how I love being Martha Stewart!  [Umm, NOT! –  but I’m proud of my kids, love my house and 100 closest family/friends that enjoy that kind of thing … so, it’s all good!]

go-cucumbersMeanwhile, our garden is producing!  Yay … it makes zucchini-2016this city-girl feel so good to ‘make’ vegetables.  We’re not going to discuss how I probably spent more in seeds and man-hours than my ‘harvest’ is worth … But, it’s 100% organic baby – so I’m sure that’s good for you … right?!?  Winking smile And, since much of that zucchini is destined to become (sugar-heavy) bread … I need to tell myself that!

We even managed to blanch/freeze 6 quarts of beans … Watch out Martha/Pioneer Woman/Caroline Ingalls … I’m catching up with you!


Oh yeah … the Studio:  I’m still on a night light ‘kick’ … Here’s our latest designs.


While I whine, subtly (?) and publicly … I also know I am one blessed, happy gal.  Our first-born turned 24 yesterday.  The kids recently got together, all grown-up style (sans parents – what’s up with that???) – to meet for dinner.  Awww!  Healthy generational foot-prints – they make me happy!  And, I’ve managed 3 sunshine pool days so far this week.  Life is good!

About claytonhill

Artisan of beautiful and functional art, handmade in our glass studio. All items one of a kind due to the nature of our medium. A little about me: As the mother of four children, multiple four-legged 'children', wife and an ER nurse ... I've always found pleasure in pursuing creative outlets. My current 'hobby' is kiln-formed glass. As I never do anything 'half-way' ... my husband and I are really enjoying this medium. Other hobbies have included/include stained glass, quilting, knitting, wine making, candles - oh, and a brief trial of the ancient Ukranian art of etching designs on blown eggs ... don't ask. :) You can view my on-line glass store at
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