Night lights and penDots …

Sums up my studio week.  Throw in some pool time, pooch time, a couple of meals and a whole lot of sleep … yep, that’s what I did!  (Alright, I also picked about 4 pounds of beans from the garden, along with zucchini and cucumbers.  Those beans have me totally rethinking the raised-bed-garden idea!)

Finished off a few of my latest night lights … So pretty when they’re plugged in (back lit)!


nite-lites-in-progressAnd, I worked on a few (dozen) more … I have it down to a well-tuned process, and have a few more ideas in the works.  Just waiting for a couple of items to arrive … Doh!  So far, I’ve made them all with my most comfortable glass enamel.  I need to bust out some of the others and really play with color (Colorline, Reusche, Ferro Sunshine), or at least do some trials, gain some confidence with those brands …

nite-lite-shades more-night-light-designs

I’m also getting pretty reliable sizing results with my penDot cabs. 12-30 mm – I’ve got the glass ‘math’ down! (Disclaimer:  for my kiln/process.)  Time to get some items into the shops!


But first … another ER nursing weekend tour.  Not talking about intoxicated patients at all … we had enough of that silliness last time!  Time to get some (more) sleep!

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