Road trip, new family and a few projects

Started the week bringing a new family member home.  Meet our boy, Greco, AKA Rrricco Suave.  He’s a big goofy puppy, and DH loves his dorky ears (or lack thereof …)!  His coat is so velvety soft!


Now that we’re settling into a routine, I’m making stuff in the studio.  A new batch of hot cabs are cooking, while night light blanks dry on the kiln top.  Eventually we’ll be etching some designs into the painted glass surface …



We’ve also entered a countdown for the twins’ open house.  Only 86 more things on the list, but … no pressure.  Winking smile  As long as I can get the occasional dip in the pool, I’m not stressing! ❤ Michigan sunshine!!!

I’m also taking short bursts of photos for listings in our Etsy shop:


Next up – 24 hours of summer-time ER nursing fun!

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