I did say crazy – Right?!?

Oh, yeah – you betcha!  But, I almost have the coffin kiln loaded with ornaments and ready to run.  Look at what I made tonight …


It’s ‘Ornament Central’ up in here … Why?  I dunno …but I like it!  The days are ticking down to the art show, and I still have so much more I want to fire!  My manicure is shot, my fingers are sliced up, my back is aching … I love it!  Smile

coffin-1-of-ornamentsmore-projects-waiting     zentangle-pendants---waitin

large-blank-waiting      boiled-glass-project----wai

But, it’s all good … I know I won’t get everything done.  In the meantime, the twins are back to school.  The pups are growing – by the minute! (Photos to come …)  And, after too many years to count … I’ve quit smoking.  Yep – in the midst of it all.  Cuz – you know, if you can’t handle stress – get out of the kitchen/whelping box studio! 

I’ll leave with a couple of photos of some of the finished projects.  So much to do ….

salvaged-spoon-rests      Bowls---9-13

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