And it hurt …

Nettle StingersAfter four + decades, I managed to come across something I really wish I hadn’t – Stinging Nettle.  stinging nettleDang!  I touched it for all of 2 seconds, while pulling weeds, and HOURS later my hand/arm is still bugging me.  After some research, turns out this wonderful burning-meets-pins-and-needles sensation can last up to a week!  WTH!?!  Amazing stuff – really … but OUCH!  (While researching, I came upon all sorts of foods/drinks made out of the offending weed, including SOUP … (gives heartburn a whole new spin … umm, NO THANKS!)

BTW – speaking of other amazing, but equally evil items of nature … check out this link.  NSFW or kids, but presented in a (sarcastic) funny way.  Sacculina (on the second page) – now that’s some crazy-a$$ sh*t!


Moving on … to add to my stinging, I’m slicing up my fingers – cutting and grinding a new glass project.  For whatever reason, I feel compelled to contribute to our next local artist exhibit.  The chosen topic is ‘Fish’ … cuz my county is such a nautical area???  Anyway, after searching for ideas, I’m plugging away at a few fish-themed items.  We’ll see …

And – I’ve got a few more platters moving forward.  I’ve stalled on my spoon rests, as our disc grinder seized up.  But – our anniversary isn’t far off, so I see a shopping trip in my near future … Winking smile

silver-red-platter    newest-platters

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