Happy Anniversary Weekend …

As we roll into the anniversary of our special day, I am celebrating!  How, you ask?  Well, I started my day with not one, but two ‘DEEP core’ weight-loss donations (… and it hurt!).  Armed with nothing stronger than Motrin, we went to celebrate … at my local glass supplier – while DH went to Harbor Freight … ah, wedded bliss! 

I partied like a rock-star … scoring a corelite one-piece kiln shelf.  Still aching, I ordered some SWEET dichroic glass, ‘cuz ya know – pain can have a weird effect on folks … Before you judge – check it out!

one piece coffin kiln shelf        Eds Roses dichroic glass

Like a kid in her favorite candy store, all my goodies are in their proper place here in the studio.  I’m firing more platters (check out that beautiful kiln shelf); and have been making strides on the ‘fish project’ … Still more grinding to do, and totally inspired by another artist’s warm glass work, but this is a one-of-a-kind for me [ummm, one giant, 12 inch fish sculpture checked-off the list] … so my fingers are permanently crossed for some success!

future-platters     fish sculpture

Seriously kicking around going to work, ah … later today.  I took another hit last weekend (physical), and don’t think I could begin to tolerate that right now.  [We won’t get into it, but lets just say as weekend wrap up: After 23 years of nursing, I needed to get strict with a (female) patient who made me feel uncomfortable … my level of compassion does not extend to my “No-No Squares” – ever!]  Since narcs and nursing (THAT way!) are frowned upon – I’m struggling …

I’ll leave with a cute pic of Taagggerrttt!


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