Busy ~ but I’m lovin’ it!

What a week!  I’ve been taking serious advantage of insomnia.  I have 3 kilns running, and so much to report … Here’s what I worked on tonight:  Fingers crossed it turns out as promising as I hope!


And, I finished my fish ‘sculpture’ … the Twins gave it a ‘thumbs up’, and it’s kinda growing on me.  I hope to have it delivered in time for the LCAA exhibit, along with a couple of other fish themed items (maybe – fingers crossed!).  I’m also trying out a new mold for a business card display … it’s in the coffin kiln now, along with plates, platters and fishes … oh, my!

LCAA-fish-plaque      fish-week

All while keeping up with the gang!  We have puppies … Sienna went into labor at 530am Sunday morning.  Mom and pups are doing great and the nursery is active with puppy noises.  Smile  Speaking of which … it’s time for my shift.


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