Decisions, decisions …

Kicking around the idea of playing with web-code again … maybe to add a storefront to my facebook page, or to my website, since I can’t add it to this site.  (Darn drawbacks to, anyway.  If my ramblings [blog] were on Blogger, I could easily add a shopping page.  But, IMO Blogger has drawbacks, too – so for now, I’m staying with WP.)  Wondering if all the work involved would be worthwhile???

I salvaged my Tree of Life irid mishap … Yay!  Now to decide if I want to slump it into a shallow bowl, set it up for wall-mounting or place it in a metal stand …

Irid-load-mishap  TOL-with-light-passing-through  new,-improved-ROUND-Tree-of-Life

In the meantime, I’ll be working on additional irid projects (along with a new mold project – I’m just about ready for another coffin load), some freeze-n-fuse and component pieces with powders (am definitely on a powder kick, too) … Now, which to work on first???  Hmmm – decisions, decisions ….

Frit-platter  new-fnf-molds  bases-for-component-pieces

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