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Excited, Sad – and a Celebration

I have lots of things going on in the studio.  I received a bunch of silicon molds for F-N-F fun … Along with a few new stencils to play with … And, a ‘dirty pour’ kit from UGC.  Time to bust out… Read More

Sunshine and Summer-Lovin’

Thank goodness for sunshine, pool-time and Summer!  I am officially over this past (nursing) weekend!  I’ve also played a bit in the studio:  Freeze-N-Fuse … It’s been 3+ years since I last fiddled with the technique.  Much better results this time around! … Read More

Decisions, decisions …

Kicking around the idea of playing with web-code again … maybe to add a storefront to my facebook page, or to my website, since I can’t add it to this site.  (Darn drawbacks to wordpress.com, anyway.  If my ramblings [blog] were on… Read More