Run-Around Sue …

Up, down and run around – just call me ‘Sue’ … or Crazy.  What a week!  Started on Monday, with a middle of my sleep-time doctor’s appointment.  Back and forth we went 3 times this week (more in a minute) … 

And in between?  We (ok, actually Olivia) had puppies!  Some 16 hours of (well deserved) drama and labor through Tuesday, and we have 8 new family members.  Mom and pups are doing great.  We (all) finally got some sleep on Wednesday. 


fat-happy-danceJust in time for more appointments …  I endured poking, smooshing and stabbing this week – and, I’m proud to say, I never hurt anyone!  AND … [fingers crossed] it looks like the only weight I’ll be losing in the near future was the chunk taken out for biopsy.  I’m [fat and] HAPPY!!!  I’ll be happier when the very early AM appointments finally stop, but I think it’s coming …

So, I had just a few stolen hours in the studio.  I played with stamping images on glass with some success.  I think I may use these as component pieces.


Played with a few of my molds, so now have the coffin-kiln loaded up with step one fusing of what I hope will be sweet iridescent platters … we’ll see.


I’ll leave with my fully fused vitri-fusaille tiles … patiently [NOT!] waiting for DH to frame …


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