Tomorrow’s The Big Day …

Thank you Sweet Baby Jesus(!)   … This wedding has brought a major problem into the light.  It’s good to know your weaknesses, but … DANG!

I don’t like public events, massive gatherings or too much PEOPLE-ING.  I can handle all of it at work, as this is what I know.  I don’t do crowded spaces on my time anymore.  I have become a bit of an odd hermit (crowds of people at work, limited to NO visitors at home).  I now see the problem  I’m facing.  I have to dress up (in fancy-shindigs) to gather with a bunch of people – yes, many of them family, but still a cruise-ship boat-load of people!  Not to be a nurse, (not to be what I know as me,) but to be Mother of the Bride.  Well, shoot.  I don’t have a great role model for that one.  The evil-biologic showed up to my wedding in a WHITER version of white than I was wearing … That whole event – well, it’s just not a great reference point…  (I’m wearing TEAL, by the way…)

I thought I was cruising along, dealing with this personal space stress (which DH LOVES, by the way) … and I hit a speed-bump, lost control, and thoroughly lost my SH*T  on Thursday … Not sure why it happened, but my deepest apologies to my daughter and future son-in-law.  I’m so sorry.  I will be pulled together for the event, I will be well behaved, smiling and QUIET!


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