Bombshell-Deadline-Bombshell …

And Finally a GOOD WEEK!!!

I’ve been Missing In Action.  I’m sorry for that.  Crummy Viruses, Avoiding Adulting, Dealing WITH Deadlines, and ULTIMATELY – We Are Here!

A few weeks ago, I spent some time (FORCEFULLY) visiting a lousy GI bug, but I beat it back and after 3 hard days – I won.  Then I successfully avoided tax prep for a minute, or so  … OK, a LOT of TIME!  But, we got them done, -AND TURNED IN (T-minus 9 days!) … I HATE DEADLINES – but we usually pull them off!

Now, with looming dead-lines met, tax papers turned in … I have several sequined Mother of the Bride fancy SACKS to choose from – plus, I’ve recently ordered corresponding shoes.  While my garden is not yet planted, my seeds-in-trays are finally happening, marinating in much-loved Jiffy soil pods, water, and natural/recreated sunlight!


alohaAnd – the second to last irrevocable deadline is coming up.  My FAVORITE ER doctor (x 30+ years) is ‘retiring’ … OK, probably not – but he’s leaving us and moving to HAWAII!  So, I needed to make this card!  [DONE!!! – Thank you T.S.!]


viola-lindacar-rideMeanwhile, we had a bulldog breeding.  Time will tell if our sweet Miss Linda Blue will have babies …

DH has been working (again) on his FAVORITE car – and the bulldogs love to jump in (as they love car trips) …

We’ve accomplished SO MUCH, I finally felt able to try a new recipe … We LOVE it!!! So it’s been added to our cooking-rotation!  [Thanks Taste Of Home and Melinda!]quiche

On the side – negotiations are in the works to find a day/time to gather with the Highschool Ladies … I’m so ready for this much-needed girls night!

And – it’s just over 2 weeks until our firstborn is married!  Gah!  It’s almost too much! But we have these girls (and other four-legged kids, along with chicken-Ladies) to keep us busy.the-girlz

Next up gardening – prepping and planting, Oh My!!!  I’ll leave you with this beautiful photo DH captured from the backside of our home!  Peace, ❤ – and stay SAFE, Y’all!5-21

PS: No update on the Ladies – but, they’re good.  We’re still working on the hierarchy ‘feather-pecking’ order, but Miss Hannigan was able to rejoin her flock and all is back to a safe ‘status-quo’ …  HUGS!

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