Getting Stuff Done …

Slowly, but surely!  We did a bit of spring cleaning in the studio, as my packaging room was over-run with more boxes than I would ever need for shipping.  There is no before photo, but trust me – it was crazy out-of-control.  And, I tried to reorganize one of my storage/display shelves … There is still a lot going on there, but I like to see my stuff sometimes …

spring-cleaning-storage-room  spring-cleaning

Our poor Miss Hannigan was getting picked on, someone was pulling her tail feathers.  A couple of theMissHannigan other girls have it too (and Hot Lips seems to like to pick at her OWN feathers), but not nearly as bad as Miss H.  We tried a ‘coat’ for a bit – but no good.  So, DH set up a temporary nursing coop in the garage.  She has settled in nicely, and is even making eggs.  Once we get her back to normal, I’m a bit worried about how re-introducing her will go over, but … baby steps.


new-murrini-listingI’m getting inspired to make a few glass projects … I made some new murrini listings for the shop … But, I keep telling myself we need to get the taxes done before I can really play … Grrr.  We’ve put in a bit of time sorting papers and tallying numbers this week.  BABY STEPS!!!

sending-smilesI do give myself a wee bit of time to play with paper.  I put together some strip backgrounds … Hmm – I like them, and creating more masculine-themed colors is easier for me this way.  I also pulled a card together with die-cut paper piecing … Pretty, while being a bit finicky.

strip-backgrounds1  strip-backgrounds

I have a batch of bone broth simmering on the stove, and later today I’ll make a vat of (slightly modified from this recipe) Cauliflower Chowder as we get ready to roll into the weekend.  Make good decisions, Y’all!  🙂


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