What a wonderful day …

weddingThe weather was beautiful, our daughter was gorgeous … We had a great day!

Moving on … I have a whole week to play in the studio.  I have my garden starts growing … and I’ve roped DH into building one more (of the two requested) raised garden beds.  It’s all about moving forward!


The (not-from-our-well) water for the pool arrived today … ‘Jamaica in June’ is on it’s way!!!  I choose happy!  choose-happyAnd this sun-shine season will help make that happen!

Next up, progress in the studio.  I’ve been quiet – but, I’ve been doing some MUCH NEEDED CLEANING!  It’s all good – all the way around!!!  I plan to fill some molds and kick on these kilns tomorrow!  Hooyah!

garden-chickenAnd, lastly … my dad and step-mom know me so well.  They surprised me with a gift that gave me a laugh when I needed it – and so appreciated.  I can’t wait to add this ‘love-bug’ to our garden!!!  Hugs and ❤

I’ll leave with a cute photo of our garden helpers!  Awwwww … Winking smile


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