And It hurt …

But, I need to move on.  And so – I am trying to move about my days, attempting to do just that.  Unfortunately, I was still hurting, and made mention of that to my work gang.  After a couple of cheap shots, another alpha-nurse tried to slap me down.  Oh … well, dang – this was too much!  I reacted, I swiped… and I behaved badly.

You’re still you, and I accept that.  And you are – I hope enjoying your honeymoon …

I need to move along and fix my ER family.  They will be with me for many, manywork girls more years … Meanwhile, I love our ‘safe-zone peoples’!!!  [Love to you, Miss D!]

It’s probably going to take some time.  It may need re-organizing.  I could blame you, but that’s what my evil-biologic taught me … go for the throat and take no prisoners.  I understand … 

We may not ever work it out … I did apologize – it went to cyberspace.  But I wish you the best, my friend!

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