Summertime Happiness

What a great week!  We made some changes to the garden this year, adding five 4’ x 4’ raised beds, instead of the one 15 foot bed that I thought I had successfully negotiated for … Why? … Because, DH found these ‘ready made’ containers – and thought they would be easier/cheaper … Silly man!  I sent him back for more (to finish out the garden space).  So, THEN we had to paint them and add sills/tops (DOH!!)!  But now, the garden is done – full to the max with various containers for growing!  THERE  YOU GO – as of today, our garden is 99% planted!  YAY!  Here’s a quick photo:


All of my studio-window plant starts are in, and we added some new herbs, vegetables and flowers this year:  Borage (… who knew?), dill, sage, mint, chamomile, cantaloupe (as the chicken ladies love them), and 2 varieties of sweet pumpkins, along with dahlias, petunias and 6 pots of sunflowers (5 gallon ‘construction buckets’ … fancy – NOT!).  Combined with all the other things we’ve grown/tried growing in past gardens …  I’m so excited!  I even made plans (a ‘blueprint’) for us to follow!

2021-window-starts   garden-plan-21

We harvested a bit from our [previously planted] perennial herbs (thyme and chives – I will never need to purchase either of these herbs in my lifetime – Ummm … EVER!!!).  We made the spinach/ham quiche again (so yummy), along with some amazing egg salad [no photo] – Thank you, ladies!

thyme-chives    quiche-take-2

And – we’ve had pool days every day this week.  Chloe even had her first dip …  Plus – I have one more day of sunshine and pool-time before heading back to work.  Peace and hugs, Ya’ll!


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