Busy … Not Busy –

So, while we have been doing ‘STUFF’ this last little bit, my studio has been quiet.  But that’s ok!

Running through some of the highlights from the last several weeks: 

A great celebration for Father’s Day combined with my dad’s birthday; Learning how to (and successfully) getting through two broody hens (the POLISH girls – Ava & Tosh, of course = our YOUNGEST chickens!!); SPRING-cleaning the outdoor chicken run (equals several hours scraping out old ‘flooring’ to replace with multiple inches of sand … Compost, anyone?!?);


Planting the new/improved garden – YO, LOOK AT THOSE BEANS!!!;


Making too many good meals to count; POOL DAYS – every time we can; Puppies (Gaia and her babies are doing great – photos to come!); Replacing our toaster oven with one that has ROTISSERIE options [DH is finally open to hearing about meat chickens- DOH!!!];

20210716_175200  20210716_191103

Making a four pound meatloaf while cleaning out our fridge;

20210716_191531  20210716_192019

Ruminating over the best approach for the latest nursing MANDATORY order; Acknowledging OUR TWINS turn 24 years old TODAY!!!! (OMGosh!) – Happy Birthday to my BABIES!!!


And, finally – heading back to work for 24 more hours of ER fun!

Caught up.  Leaving with a great photo DH caught from our pond …

Hugs Ya’ll!!!received_1236003003893645

PS – We’re back up to 7-10 eggs per day … Go LADIES, GO!!!

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