Beyond baby steps …

Minute by minute??  Yeah – that’s about right.  Here’s the scoop:  My grandma is rallying; She has a trach, peg tube, foley and a tube in her gallbladder; per the specialist doctors (rehab), she suffered a major neurolYorkie-fritographyogic event at some unknown time …  Is she down and out?  Nope – NOT My Grandma.  She’s tracking and talking (mouthing words).  So, let’s get ready for Round 3.

In the meantime, my 14 year old Yorkie – Magnolia Rose – my sidekick, my peanut, my ROCK – is sick.  She won’t eat … AT ALL … So, we’re forcing antibiotics and sips of water.  Minute by minute with my Lil Peanut.  Until she tells me ‘NO MORE’ …

So, needless to say – the music is LOUD and my studio is rocking (Maggie likes it that way).  Here’s what I’ve been working on: New listing in my Artfire shop; Santa box lid (this one square … fingers crossed for kiln success!) for my next Colour deVerre box; all 3 kilns are loaded and running – here’s the coffin load;  and my newest mold – a mid-size poppy ‘plate’; with my plotter back on-line, I’ve been making requested/new dichro cabs … here’s what’s firing in the production kiln; and here’s tonight’s etched pieces.

shades_of_green_fused_glass_night_light   santa-box-lidcoffin-decal-load   new-poppy-molddichro-cabs-5-14   dichro-cabs-tonight

And – the projects and ideas are lined up, just waiting for me to lose myself for a minute  … cuz, it helps me cope.

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