More Reverse Enamel Trials …

The good news – I have my bubble squeeze program down pat!  Here are my latest spoon rests fired with white luminescent backing.  The bad news – I’m still having issues with color burn out, even while adding more venting …


So, I’m trying a different enamel.  Nothing like diving in, so here are more spoon rest trials and a plate …

more-RE-trials RE-plate-trial

I also determined a better outlining technique for me!  Squeeze bottles with needle tips – must appeal to the nurse in me – and it gives me better line control!  Now, I have a few ring dish and night light pieces waiting for their turn in the kiln.


And, to keep the family well fed, we tried this Stuffed Cabbage Casserole recipe – quick, easy and I love it!  We added diced tomatoes and a bit of cinnamon.  Here’s my photo:


Leaving with a quick picture of the Cowbell … she had a rough day playing in her pool and romping with the Neos this week, so she crashed hard!  Silly girl!


Next up, a weekend of ER nursing fun …

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