Updates – and studio news …

Our cheap-man’s stromboli (chicken & mushrooms in crescent dough ‘braid’) from the other night is good … The family says it’s a [not-so-healthy] keeper-recipe …


Moving on, DH & I had our pull – the ‘feared’ red cane … It worked, and I love it!!! Smile


So, now I have my rainbow murrini (not all pictured here) … I have a few more must-do colors coming(!), before we will start on mixes …


While I wasn’t so pleased with our last ‘cartoon’ spoon rest – I like the idea!  Plus, I realize that I have enough enamels here to play with products and temperatures until we get what I’m shooting for … So, round 2 is in the kiln.  Here are a few more options/ideas I have in-the-works …


And, I’ve got another kiln up and firing with more night-light shades – because I love color!


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