Interesting …

A pre-fire/post-fire comparison:  Of course, I could try to play off the changes, like some post-diagnostic STD slides … But, no – I tried to follow guide-lines.  My layers were not so thick that they caused cracking … Apparently, FM-HF peach, yellow and red get some deep level V-D ‘spots’ … Who knew?!?  I’m glad I only fired the one – as the ‘test’ piece …


Because, NOW I have the ‘mandala-ALA-MANIA’ to fire … yep, a few issues with line-thickness there … But – maybe … throw in some abnormal-like STD spots, accept a certain level of bipolar-ness … and I have a master piece!?!


Either way – I head back to work today … so, dinner will be a chicken/mushroom version of this recipe  – minus broccoli (allergy) + mushrooms (DH loves them!) …

chicken braid

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