Fingers Crossed …

My back is on fire, but I have three kilns running, jewelry tiles cooking and a new product line just about ready to go … Fingers crossed that my kilns behave!

pink-turq-stackMy studio is a disaster, but – ya know … I was CREATING!  It’s all good.  Here’s what I’ve got:

Our next couple of vitrigraph cane stacks cut and ready to go … Hopefully we’ll start pulling tomorrow!

The coffin kiln is slumping spoon rests, night lights, ring dishes and a special Day of the Dead Pup!


I also have the baby kiln cooking with other night lights in new colors (no photo).  Meanwhile, I have a load of tiles cooking (and another load prepped) for some jewelry pieces – using our own murrini!

frit-tiles-5-17  frit-tiles

If all goes well with the kilns, we’ll be offering up coe90 murrini cane on FB and in our Etsy shop.  Just one more test run to make sure they’re all behaving … Stay tuned!  Winking smile


So, I’m going to crash for a bit while my kilns work their magic.  Next up – cleaning this studio!!!

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