Clean Studio = Tired, But HAPPY!

Spent a couple of days this week cleaning up/organizing my haven, uhh STUDIO!  Good golly, pink-pullit’s been a while.  But she’s all back together – I can find stuff, AND I have open spaces to work!  What a cool idea!!!

DH and I had our pink cane pull.  While it didn’t do what I thought … it’s growing on me.  We used the long, slow ramp-up, like we did with our red cane to make sure the colors stayed true.  (So, it was a 5-6 hour vit pull …)

I also made my murrini/component tiles.  That’s our ‘product’ in there.  I know- such a silly thing, but it makes me happy!  Now that I’m certain our murrine works without issue, I’ve listed a few colors for others to try.  Check it our in our shop or on Facebook … Next week, I hope to start mapping out cabs on the tiles for jewerly – we’ll see.


And, with a few days worth of 3-kilns running – I have our reverse enamel projects slumped and done.  I’m happy, and DH says ‘They’re Great!’  [Wow! …]  Along with a several new night lights slumped, waiting for assembly…

RE-glass---happy   night-lights-5-17

Next up, a weekend of ER nursing fun(!) and pup watch – as our Tubby is going to be a Momma!


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