Staying Busy …

Pretty busy week here at Clayton Hill … Our Tubby had babies on Monday!  Strong, healthy tawny and blue pups … and Mom!  All are doing great!  Miss Tubitha likes her some food, she does!  Which is a blessing – as she likes my cooking (calories), along with kibble and puppy food!  Just look at all that squishy-faced LOVE … OMG’osh!!!


So, while I’m taking my turn at pup watch, I plotted out pendants from my murrini blanks.  I luv them! [Not pictured playing, but here she is  – and please, don’t worry … Chloe is loving her playtime with Ceasar and Victor.  She will get to meet the babies when they’re bigger!]


blanksMeanwhile, the studio is not silent – I’m making up spoon rest and dish blanks by the kiln-load!  Our next vitrigraph pull will just napa cabbage salad - NMPhave to wait …

But – we did sneak out during a Mom-&-Pup nap, to get the garden tilled and ready for planting … LATER.   Finally – to keep us all fed on-the-quick … I made up a double batch of cabbage crack (Napa Cabbage Salad – minus the bell pepper)!  DH is promising grilled chicken and (our own) asparagus later today!  [HAPPY]


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