Still holding …

Sienna and I have had long talks now on the importance of relaxing, thinking ‘open thoughts’ … and when those didn’t seem to have any effect, we talked about how much better she would feel is she just dropped a load!  Still NOTHING … We’ll be going to the vet later today, just to make sure all is well and talk about a c-section – as I’m starting to fear the pups will be 5 pounds a piece since Sienna refuses to begin her labor!

Meanwhile, so long as I am in her eyesight, I have freedom to move about inside the studio.  My bottle slump didn’t fair well … more glass for quenching, whenever I get around to that technique.  I do have a bottle plate (prototype) that worked out kinda-neat that I have painted (along with a future spoon rest):


Quick photo of my patriotic night light:  Coffin loaded for a de-bubbling/flattening run:  And my latest red/white/blue blank:  I don’t like it.  The red (which has a new red glass in as well as the transparent red) muddled too much.  It does look nice when light passes through it – so maybe another night light someday …

patriotic-night-light  debubble-run   patriotic-blank

And I’ll leave you with Sienna, ‘the horse’ … who seems to be content keeping her legs permanently crossed!  On the plus side … I now know I have zero psychic abilities.  I have looked at her belly and willed  her to start contracting sooo many times … It’s good to know your limitations, right?  … Smile

Sienna - the horse

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