It’s Puppy Time …

Sienna-and-pupsWhew … Sienna’s pups have made their grand entrance – fashionably late … At 2am Sienna finally entered the last stages of labor – and she wasn’t happy about it.  We paced the floors, went outside, came back in, paced some more – then repeated this routine… Just about the time I was starting to get worried – the first pup arrived.  We now have 10 new members of the family … and Mom and pups are doing great!  And – Sienna is eating (ALREADY!) … SWEET!!

Meanwhile, since my studio was unattended, and Michigan has decided to revert back to pre-Spring temperatures … my kilns have been running.  I have 11 new projects to list in the shops …  I am IN LOVE with the Super-Sized Decadence bowl!! (13.5 inches)  And, I’ll be running both kilns again tonight! Smile

new-projects-...-ready   lamp-shade - didn't work, but I like it   Large-Planet-Earth needs one more de-bubble   new-color-explosion-blank

PS – this is my 100th post … glad it was with such happy news!  Smile

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