Laying low …

WWU:  Assisted fellow-staff with one nasty case of Norovirus this past weekend.  While I cleaned and scrubbed [head to toe] with soap, sanitizer and BLEACH, I woke up Tuesday moving slow, with pains (head ache and back ache) … Jumping to the only sensical conclusion, I announced to the family that I was suffering from Noro-meningitis …

As we roll into Thursday, and proving I’m made of sterner stuff, I’m feeling better.  Still taking it slow, I’ve played with pups … That’s Dozer showing off SQUISHY FACED LOVE!


I crossed a few items off the to-do list, remaking a custom bracelet in a larger size … renata-braceletwith TINY ‘lil 11.0 seed beads.  Doggone(!) – Someone’s eyes are getting old!

Made up a few more wire-wrapped glass bead/charm earrings (dragons, light bulbs, and sea-turtles … OH MY!) … and ready for Mother’s Day!  Winking smile  (You’ll have to check them out at the store!)

Did a little (grocery) shopping.  So, I made 10 pounds of Shrimp Stir Fry (this basic recipe, sauce and shrimp doubled to keep up with all the additional veggies), because I was obviously a [Gourmet] cafeteria cook in another life, and will never master the ‘skill’ of cooking SMALLER quantities …

And then I did a bit of internet shopping … DOH!  More jewelry making supplies, fun stamps and glass molds coming this way!  Smile

I wrapped up the night doing a bit of frit-work on tiny ‘canvases’ … more mini-hot-cabs in the kiln …


I’ll leave with a quick pic of our Xena (5 months old) – thoroughly enjoying her ‘hug’ from our son … Silly girl!


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