Moving right along …

Got through our tax session (Thanks Jim!) and a fun-filled E.R. weekend; Despite meeting one of the most unpleasant airline employees ever (service desk), we now have extended, four-legged family in NH, CO, NJ, PA and FL.  The pups did great!

Which brings us to Thursday.  I’m almost over this cruddy virus.  I’m playing in the studio, and DH is finally watching Vikings with me!  I’ve been playing with snap jewelry.  John likes to call them penDOTS … sure, Babe! 


Snap-PENDOT-bracelet  new-products  flower-bud-penDOT

And, my plotter and I remain in-sync!  So, I’ll be slumping a few bottles, making some plates and etching a bit of dichro …


I’ve got more night lights waiting for a photo session.  Speaking of pictures – I need to take a few of our newest family members; Our Thoretta Blue (Zeus and Blondie’s pup) and our 6 day old doberman-mouse (Yorkie pup), who currently remains nameless, but is growing and strong!  Photos to come …

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