Studio fun …

We had a great time at Harvest Fest on Saturday.  Beautiful weather, great people and … while I have no pictures of me, I was smiling!  Here was our set-up this year:



DutchflatheadI stumbled on a new (to me) kind of cabbage at one of the vendors … Flat Dutch Cabbage … It’s supposed to be a bit sweeter, and it’s HUGE (~10 pounds!)!  So, I’ve been searching out recipes. At this point, I plan to make two soups, golumkis  and a cabbage side dish (which is apparently Emeril’s favorite) … And, I think I’ll still have some cabbage left over.  [Not my photo, but you get the idea …]

Got through the (ER nursing) weekend fairly painlessly.  So I’ve earned a bit of playtime in the studio.  Here is another completed metal mania cuff bracelet.  It’s copper over brass with a bezel-set fused glass cab.  I call this one ‘bubbles’.  I realize, yet again, it is extremely helpful having a bubbles-brass-braceletprofessional painter in the house.  We’ve tried both matte and gloss sealer.  I’m wearing my first bracelet to see how they hold up under use.  I’m not sure I’m loving the enamel sealer, so I’m trialing metal wax on a few others …  And, now I’m thinking of other types of bezel settings … Studio funk/slump is officially over!  Smile

And tonight I played with alcohol inks and metal patinas on the the cuffs.  Crummy lighting in the photo, as they are more vibrant than pictured, but … I like them!  The one on top is aluminum, while the rest are brass.  I want to make some new cabs – both for the cuffs and as penDots!patina-cuff-bracelets---CHS

But first, I have to wrap up the final online competencies and attend yet another work-class.  Yay!  Time to get busy …


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