Slump and a kick-start!

So, I’ve been quiet.  I usually don’t get that way for too long ….

I was in a creative slump.  Apparently, I was feeling stressed.  But now, with ENPC (Emergency Nurse Pediatric Course) and a large chunk of of nursing competencies completed … I feel better.  The fact that I can say ‘see you next time to another ENA “Inspectandpalpate” class’ – umm, BONUS!!!  [And, yeah – this Mom got to tell her freshman college twins she got another ‘A’ …]  So, with a whole day of ME-time before the next necessary 6am wake-up call … Obviously it is NOW I’m feeling inspired!

We’ll be at the Brighton Farmers Market Harvest Fest this Saturday (tomorrow!)!  But, in the meantime, I’m making cuff bracelets.  Here are my first two (silver and brass with copper and glass cabs) with 7 more in production (wrapped in copper).  [Thank you Tanya Metal Mania!] 


My new creations may not make it for the 9/24 deadline … But no worries!  We plan to be at Bogie Lake’s Arts & Greens this November!

Up next – spoon rests, sun catchers, night lights, necklaces, and a few more cuff bracelets.  Hope to get some bowls and platters going too!  So good to be back in the swing of the studio!!!

colorburst-spoon-rests  suncatchers-2nd-firingnightlights2-inch-pendant

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