Are you kidding me???

It’s almost Nursing Competency time … I realize I’m early, but … Dang!!!

Somewhere along the line ‘SuperNurse’ (Is that me???) decided to wrap up a frustrating few days [ummm. twins going off to college – what could be easier?!?], combined with a bit of spousal-discord (must be the time of year), with my own hell-bent need to master CorelDraw TODAY…  So, you bet – NOW was the best time to finish off some pesky nursing competencies.

Sweet Baby Jesus – stab me in the eye … PLEASE!!!

What was I thinking?  No amount of wine could prepare me for this nursing HELL.  Jeez Louise, even [the online narrator] Jean-Luc-Piccard-wanna-be couldn’t quite manage to stifle the YAWNS throughout this annual-nursing HADES! [Umm, no it wasn’t Jean Luc … but it didn’t matter!]

Who is this type of learning made for?  Certainly not this stimulation-overloaded Florence Nightingale!  I might just hand it off to my next 3 year old patient …


Picture this … you probably need glasses (I know I do!), but … Nah!!!   Now, you’re studying this 2×2” screen that has 8 million dashes, dots and icons on it, something along the line of ‘air traffic controller’ …  Jean Luc has just asked you to do something … What?  Where?  But there is this friendly little help button … OH YEAH – I was just about to hit that hidden icon … Dude, ARE YOU KIDDING ME???  You FAIL … try again!  Nope … I’m out of wine.  Your loss Jean-Luc!


So, yeah, tonight I do believe I am officially too old for this sh*t!

*** The good news???  I only have 11 more ‘units’ to go!  [Help me!!!]

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