0-60mph in 2.9 seconds …

Not sure what I planned for this week – but I didn’t expect what I got! 

So it started well enough, with a COE 96 (100+ sheets) glass delivery filling up my (old) studio!


But then it got nutty!  I am sorry to say that Zen Artisan Boutique is out of business.  Yep … before the holiday weekend.  I don’t think DH and I have ever had a tougher week!  [… I’m talking Zero pool-time! …]

As a mostly silent partner in the shop, when I finally figured out what was going on – well … it was too late.  My original co-partner (Ashley) had the right idea when she left 3 months ago!  Doh!

This ‘thrill ride’ was such a tough call for us to make.  I’m trying to stay positive – but it hurt.  I’m so angry with myself.  I told DH that I may never ‘try new’ again … I don’t want to believe it!  Am I really so gullible?  Damn-it-all!!!

So thank you to my family (DH and the twins) for helping Mom out!  Love you guys!!!

Find the silver lining: It’s nice having all of my ‘stuff’ back home – where it belongs!


Upbeat note:  DH and I added a new coffee table to our ‘cabin’ …  and, our Fall shows start in T-3 weeks …


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