The possibilities … Oh my!

I became a little obsessed today.  I know, I know … What’s new?!?  It actually started several months ago when I saw a picture posted on FB.  One that had been altered via photo-editing software.  Today, I tracked that app down; figured out how to make it work in this 99.2% android home; move pics from a PC to an apple product (not entirely user friendly); made magic water color photos; and finally moved those buggers back to my PC (REALLY not user friendly)!!!   I love it!  Check it out …

callie-wl   Calla-Lilytwins-wl   twinszeus-wl   zeus-big-collar

I can’t wait to play with enamels, frits and glass painting techniques with these images!!!  Oh, and take more pictures … Winking smile  The app is called Waterlogue.  And, I’m hoping it translates to the glass half as well as it does in my head …

P.S. – this is what happens when I get up at 6am to see the twins off to their last “first day” of school … Go Seniors!

P.P.S. – ‘Lil Sis (the baby on the left) does have all 10 fingers … I’m not sure where those missing digits are hiding in the photos … Surprised smile

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