Speed Bump = Clean Studio + Adele

So a fairly substantial life ‘speed-bump’ has altered my previous MINE-MINE-MINE studio plans … Damn Evil-Biologic and her inability to act like a responsible adult anyway …  So – feeling less than creative, I’ve spent time cleaning the studio and rockin’ with Adele (with a few of the Neo’s howling in the background to join in on the chorus – Oh yea, you know ‘we’ sound just like Adele.  The fact that DH’s ears are currently bleeding is entirely coincidental!). 

Here’s the comparison shot pre-remodel and today (pretty darn clean for a working studio):



*A visual reminder for me of what we can accomplish with hard work and determination

And then I decided to look at some of my NEW books (- don’t you DARE say a word, DH or Mr. Accountant!) for inspiration … it’s helping:

new-hobby-books  hot-glass-focal-bead  PMC-pendant

Now, I do believe some ‘Miller-Time’ will finish out this mood.  Tomorrow’s a new day …

speed bumps

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