Adele + Chinese Food = Good Medicine

Have spent the past week slowly trying to work through a huge family mess (BTW – have I cursed the Evil Biologic recently?  Yes? … Okay, well, here’s another  – %@#^*!!!) …

Thus, not much going on in the studio.  Had it not been for a glass order, I may have avoided it all week.  (And I love my studio!)  While still singing alongside Adele (hers is a joyful noise – mine NOT SO MUCH) today, I started to poke and putter at my projects and idea-book.  Ended the evening with Chinese take-out (since I’m not feeling like cooking either) … and I think I’m working my way through this mood-funk.  I’ve got more ‘errands’ to do tomorrow, but then …  I’m ready for some productivity in the studio, darn it!!

Meanwhile – I do have some knitting projects finished:  Scarves – lots of them, as they’re mindless, yet keep my hands busy; And my One-World grocery bag … cute.

scarves      one-world-bag

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