So, the night ended on an upbeat note … Even though I was tag-team REPRIMANDED by my spouse AND my accountant!  I’m SUPPOSED to watch my spending next year … Um, Yeah – OKAY … Says these two DAY WALKERS.  When I casually pointed out, “It [my interest in new hobbies – thus spending money] keeps me off the streets at night!” – THEY tag-teamed me yet again …

  • 1) “ We live on a dirt road …” [by DH – the ‘LOVE OF MY LIFE’] … Quickly followed by … 
  • 2) [My ACCOUNTANT!:] “It’s okay … Go For A Walk!” … WTH!?!  NOT FAIR!!!

WHATEVER … they OBVIOUSLY have TOO MUCH testosterone, and NOT ENOUGH CREATIVITY to know what they are talking about!!!

So, off I went to ANOTHER asset  ‘Leaving the ER to Move-on-to-Greener-Pastures’ Party … Are you kidding me???  It takes so long to train you medical people just right!?!  OK, I get it … BE HAPPY, and all that!!!  … Anyway, we had a great time – with lots of adult beverages and silliness!!  And – while in the establishment, I believe I met someone that has placed her dearly departed, STUFFED POODLE  into her hair weave – to keep NEAR-AND-DEAR … You tell me???  (Umm … nobody’s head is THAT wide?)


I got through my 24 hours (- my TAX HELL) … And now that I’m on the flip-side – and, DH is sleeping soundly, AND I have time to reflect:  I have new projects, hobbies and ideas SWARMING through my head … You just can’t tell Picasso to BEHAVE!  – OR EVEN ME (!!!) … JUST SAYIN’!  Winking smile

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