Finally–Some Mojo!

I found my mojo this week!  We are finally moving things along in the glass area of the studio.  I’m working on an ornament request, but I’m moving spoon rests (no photo) and night lights along too!  Yay!


no-yolk-eggI also had to keep up with the Ladies this week, giving them another ‘pumpkin treat’, a plate of cottage cheese with ground shells on top … and we tried canned peaches for the first time (not a favorite).  The ladies are really producing  – laying anywhere from five to nine eggs each day.  We’ve had a couple double-yolks along with this ‘yolk-less’ odd thing.  Hmm … it’s our first, so I’m not too worried.

cot-ladies---2020   trying-canned-peaches   the-laies-eggs

So, I’ve been digging into the cookbook for egg-heavy recipes.  Years ago, my boss gave me a sausage gravy hash brown casserole recipe that calls for a dozen eggs.  (I tried doing a quick internet search, and while many were close, I wasn’t able to find the exact recipe – let me know if you’d like a copy …), and  then we made the Zucchini pie again – so good!  While no eggs are in it, I did have to put together a vat of potato soup … because it’s fall and officially soup weather! Smile

zucchini-pie potato-veggie-soup



And I made a few cards.  I love the gift-card holder cards, so easy to make for any occasion! While DH wasn’t as much of a fan, I think the elf cards are too stinking cute.  So yeah, slowly building my card stash for gift giving …  Christmas will be here before we know it!



more-gc-cards elfin-xmasyouu-are-amazing sweetest-flowers-tyrainbow-ty

Leaving with a couple of cute dog photos … Linda giving her ‘sexy’ pose and the motley crew.  Too darn cute!  Have a safe weekend y’all!

 linda-arborvitaie motley-crew

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