Another Catch-Up Post

sunflowersSo, we are cleaning out the garden … gathering up the last of the ‘bounty’ and putting things to bed.  I am currently trying to dry sunflower seeds in my sunny studio window (where all the garden pre-starts began) … We emptied out  our sweet potato barrels … not an amazing amount, but enough to make me happy.  We ‘harvested’ our acorn squash, as the plants are all dead (thanks to some frost, but mostly to the awful HORDE of squash bugs our plants were infested with this year)!  And, I gathered all of my beets (about 4 pounds worth – my goodness!) along with a grocery bag full of marigold blooms for the chickens …


bean-spinach-sausage-soupWe’ve done a bit of cooking:  Trying out Amish Sour Cream Cornbread … Meh – not our favorite; A Zucchini/Corn/Mushroom Pie (more along the lines of a quiche), it was good, earning a place in our family cookbook.  [Thank you, Lindsay!}  And, soup weather is officially here – so tonight we made our version of Bean Spinach Sausage soup (a favorite, thanks again Chungah!).  Last week we tried Creamy Cabbage soup – which was good ( I love all cream-based soups), but I will add more vegetables next time …Thank you Stacie!

amish-cornbread zucchini-pie  cabbage-cream-soup

pumpkin-chicken-treatSpeaking of vegetables – I’ve been gathering pumpkins for our ladies.  They like them raw, but last week, I filled half of one with chicken ‘treat’ – to help with gaining5-eggs weight for the cold weather coming.  {Thanks Cath!)  Meanwhile, 8 of the girls are laying (!)  So, we’re getting anywhere from 4-6 eggs each day – Yay!  It’s my silly Polish ladies fox(Ava & Tosh [Natasha]) who are holding out …

I don’t blame them though, as DH recently caught this photo about 100 yards from the coop, mid-day … in full sun!  We’ll be setting some large (live) traps to see if we can re-home our new unwelcome guest.

And, I’m making cards (in between filling fused glass orders – Thank You early Christmas shoppers!)  I cistud-thankspulled a few ‘thank you’ cards together, along with an all-occasion ‘Hello’,  and finally our oldest son’s birthday card.  He is in law school, so I felt the fancy card was ‘fitting’ … Our baby turns 26 this week … Dang, have I mentioned … someone here is OLD!  [We’ll be prepping a proper home cooked meal with birthday dessert for him later this week.]


woodplank-thanks thanks-nuvo-shimmersmitch-bday mitch26

We’re struggling through some extended family issues and drama … Here’s hoping we have made it to the sunny side of the saga … Anyone willing to send healing prayers and thoughts our way, we would surely appreciate the help.

Leaving with a cute photo of our garden-helping posse – all the bulldogs, along with Victor and Josie … Awww!


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