So Long Summer …

My garden is winding down …. We do have a handful of beautiful sunflowers (standing amazingly proud and tall) in their 5 gallon buckets, as DH wouldn’t let me cut any holes in the black mat he so painstakingly installed this spring … We also have the sweet potatoes, some beets, winter squash and the last of the pole beans to collect.  And DH and I shivered through our final dip in the pool on Wednesday, before we closed it up for the winter … [Heavy sigh!]


But, our Ladies have picked up the pace … Not only is Miss Buffy laying eggs just about every day, but someone has joined in to help out.  We haven’t figured out who it is that’s all grown up now, but we’re watching!

And, I’ve been making in the studio … Here’s our latest batch of spoon rests – with some new designs.


bespoke-birthday-cardI’m also working on a special ornament … for a friend’s granddaughter first birthday.  Here’s the blank in the kiln and here is the design.

It started with a requested birthday card and I couldn’t  next-glass-project

I’m also working on a kiln-load of snowman ornaments for a special order.  Yep – winter time is coming … [Heavy sigh!]

Time to switch gears and start thinking ER nursing thoughts.  I’ll leave with a quick photo of Miss Linda ‘babysitting’ one of our pups … Awww  SmileLinda-babysitting

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