Baby, it’s cold outside!

But we’ll get to that in a minute … First, you have got to see this cuteness!

5wks old

Rolls upon rolls of ADORABLE!  I’m grateful I’m surrounded by puppy breath.  Otherwise, this week might stink!  We had a pipe burst in the wall of our family room today.  I am really glad we were home, heard the noise and caught it pretty quickly – but it still managed to ruin the carpet, drip down the wall of my office (old studio) to pour water all over the drop ceiling and drywall! (The missing furniture is being ‘stored’ in my entryway, dining room and living room …)

family-room-water-damage        studio-ceiling

(Thank goodness I’m not busy next week – having surgery or anything … I refuse to believe this is some kind of forecast for 2014!  And, ya know – I love a good challenge!!!  OK, whine and pep-talk over …)

In the meantime it’s COLD outside, with more cold weather, snow and crummy road conditions predicted for the weekend of my ER tour!  Stay warm, safe and out of the Emergency Department Y’ALL!

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