Stepping into the light and embracing the day

Christmas Tree 2013We lost power on Saturday.  Repair estimate had us getting electricity on Christmas night at 1130pm.  So, I had started to wrap my head around embracing what I would officially call the ‘Dark Christmas’ … I was excited about the prospect of ZERO cooking (watch out Taco Bell, here we come).  But, unlike many of our Michigan neighbors … our power was restored before Christmas.

salted caramelShift gears, plan menu, embrace the day.  So we did.  I tried my hand at making candy (caramel dusted with sea salt).  Tastes good, but the consistency isn’t right (VERY soft!) … I did make a tasty Christmas Turkey with Apple Whiskey dressing and the rest of the fixins’ …

My whole gang stopped in … We had a great family day.  Here are a couple of the surprise gifts:  my 7 inch tablet,  and the twins’ pop maker.

HP-7-inch-tablet      soda-maker

Wrapped the night up working on a new knitting project (Brier Toque by C Glowik-Macdonald)


So, with Christmas 1 successfully behind us, I plan to get back to the studio tonight!  Merry Christmas y’all!

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