If Martha Stuart and June Cleaver had a third sister …

She MIGHT just look like me … We had Christmas with my Dad yesterday … Whew!  We pulled it off (… I think …) – and my Martha Stuart/June Cleaver façade is safe – for a while yet any way … It was close though: Mother Nature’s little hissy fit (can’t even really call it a temper tantrum) had us picking up the final Amazon packages (read: Christmas presents!) AT the post office (yeah – they were holding them hostage!!) some 20 minutes before my guests arrived!  Add to it – a visit from a sweet couple to meet and reserve our Yorkie, Cooper in the middle of our ‘mad-dash’ day, and … I don’t mind saying, I don‘t think Martha would have held up as well …  A good day with some great family time … it doesn’t get much better!

2011-02-05_02-00-36_120Olivia, our Neo soon-to-be mom (aka ‘the horse’) is sticking very close.  She’s loving her pre-delivery diet of  … well, anything she wants.  She ‘smiles’ when we head to the fridge.  Ok – it’s not a pretty smile, but it’s all she’s got!  Smile  She’s not nesting yet – which means John is on his own for the weekend … Helping our mom’s deliver is my thing (I love it) – but he does a great job too (he just doesn’t like it) …

Now to change gears and think like a kinder/gentler ER nurse who loves to test old peoples’ cognitive function, stomp out the flu, pass out warm blankets and snacks while we run a mini-ICU and/or Bed-n-Breakfast … Come on Martha – don’t fail me now …


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