Weekend update … puppies

Outside of the standard flu & psych patients … Superbowl weekend proved to be a fairly mellow one.  A great crew of co-workers is always a bonus!  My only gripe is this:  There should be a national law that prohibits drug-seeking, drama-craving, possom-playing dingbats from presenting to the ER at 6:53am.  There is no compassion left at this point in the shift to deal with patients that want to pretend they’re ‘passed out’ … Just sayin’!

We have puppies! … Oh my – do we have puppies.  Olivia is still delivering, but at this point, we’ve helped bring 10 new babies into the world!  At 4am this morning, the text messages started flying, as John was keeping me up to date on her progress.  As a first time Mom, Livvie is doing great … 10 babies in just over 4 hours.  She’s cleaning her crew, feeding them and loving on them.  John is wiped out – (he is sooo NOT a night-owl) but he’s hanging in there like a trooper.

Oops – gotta go – another pup on the way …


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