Technology … it’s pretty cool!

I’m not crazy tech-savvy, but I can usually work my way around most electronics.  With this in mind, I am in LOVE with our new smart phones!  We (DH and I) both got Droid 2 Global phones – our first upgrade since texting.  How COOL!!  Along with easy texting (I stuck with a physical QWERTY keyboard), I can manage this blog, view maps/directions, play games, songs, browse the web, access my email accounts  … there are applications for just about EVERYTHING!  Even one with bartending recipes … hmmm, that’s something to think about for vacation!

         DSC09896       DSC09886

This is totally sweet – and if you’re on the fence at all … I absolutely recommend it!!  I even have the DH texting now – more than just yes/no responses!  Smile  I’ve had the phone for 5 whole days, and can’t imagine what I did without it!


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