Meanwhile …

Not to be left out of our ‘puppy-nursery-overload’ … Mr. Yoda Kei: Is growing tooth buds, and putting all that ‘kissing’ technique to good use … he is teaching his littermates the joys of ‘gruel’ (puppy formula mixed with can food) … and lovin’ it!  Momma Monet still pops in to the Yorkie nursery for feedings, cleanings and general clean up, but the older (Yorkie) pups – especially Cooper and Griffin – love to jump into the (again, Yorkie) nursery to play with the ‘babies’ … and clean up any left-over gruel … just in case there are left-overs … Smile

 YK-6wks YK-Zonie Griffin-hi-baby

In between playing den-mother to our … DEN … I hope to have some studio time (the perks to being an insomniac …):  I have a special request for a large blue free-form bowl; I started working on the proto-types for colored, personalized slumped, textured wine bottle-trays; I’m slowly taking new photos of pieces, playing with more natural lighting; and I continue with my painting and ornament experiments …

And – if I get bored: … I still have a mountain of tax papers/receipts waiting for me; I can now take my Christmas trees down; and I just saw our youngest daughter’s report card – time to scare-the-snot out of her while reinforcing the ‘rules and regulations’ of her mother’s expectations for her ‘academic career’ … Oh to be retired and ‘BORED’ …

Which brings me to another weekend-work gripe:  I’m used to ’20-somethings’ demanding I absorb their problems for my own (read: “I took an ambulance to the ER for my complaint of ‘cold symptoms’ x 2 hours – I have NO ride home, no ibuprofen, ‘no money’, etc. … what are YOU going to do about it???”) … But – I’ve recently had a lot of 30-somethings, 40-somethings, etc. ask the same type of questions …

Case in point: A 45+ year old divorcee with the complaint of a ‘headache’:  She’s living with herjparasite sibling (read: NOT HOMELESS – but whined about it), receiving medical treatment from the (“x”-county, FREE) Medical Clinic … and she DEMANDED that she be admitted to further her disability claim that she should receive FREE (read: tax-payer) housing, money, insurance and health care because she was just too tired of dragging her (able-bodied) obese (300+ pounds), tired-ass around … waiting for social services to respond to her request.  I thought about showing her the want-ads (that spot-lighted a posting for help-wanted at Taco Bell) – but figured she wouldn’t receive this ‘assistance’ productively … So, instead – in the spirit of customer service, I placed a referral to our already over-worked ER social worker … Can you say ‘Blight-on-Humanity referral’ ???

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