Waterlogged … and happy!

Spent as much time in the pool as possible this week.  So, I managed to get ‘sun-kissed’ and pruney-wrinkly fingers.  Of course, that much time in the pool meant not much cooking happening in the kitchen (and a large amount of liquid meals … Hey, that sun was warm, I didn’t want to risk dehydration!) …  Although, we did make two giant pans of mostaccioli.  So, the men-folk are well fed.

And, I played with puppies.  Chloe’s posse is 6 wks old.  We officially pulled Chloe from them (immunization time).  She has had a rough couple of days with it, but she’s coming around, and Rotunda is happy to have her sister back.  Chloe’s crew … well, they couldn’t be any cuter!  Here’s Clyde, Yeti, Maybeline and NayNay.  We’ve got a lot of beautiful blue eyes peeking back at us!


I played a bit in the studio – when I should have been sleeping.  A definite summer, floral theme going … Some watercolor cards, a bokeh backed dandelion, a paper flower bouquet card and a bunch of bright, cheery acrylic backgrounds:


DH and I had a date night on Friday.  We went to see Jurassic World.  The movie … Meh!  But the popcorn dinner was delicious!  Winking smile

Leaving with a cute and sassy photo of Maybeline.  She just might be sticking her tongue out at you …



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