Trauma is serious business …. but wine is better!

I understand that trauma is serious – critical even.  But Jeeze-Louise … After spending some 10 hours (starting in the very bright and early [0600] AM) with a few ENA (Emergency Nurse Association)-cloned TNCC (Trauma Nurse Core Course) over-the-top instructors … Yuck!  Just YUCK.   Words like Evil Nazi Arses started to float around in my head.  When one of the instructors said for the third time, “You must say ‘inspectandpalpate’ – like it is one word [or you will fail]” … I was over it.

And, lucky me – I get to go back for more next week.  But, I have wine.  Sixty new bottles all corked and ready to roll.  Yep … that’s better!

So for now, I’m not even thinking about inspecting or palpating (let alone inspectandpalpate-ing) … I’m prepping for Christmas, knitting a hat right now.  This pattern in these colors:


And, then I’m going to play in my studio with dichro and stringers and frit.  And make tapestry bowls and night lights.  And THEN, I’m going to have a ‘date night’ with DH, play some pool (billiards) before I even think about anything trauma-like or nurse-y or emergency department-ish.  SO THERE!  Smile with tongue out

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