Canadian Flu ….

AKA – the CRUD that keeps on giving!  Some time ago I posted about a URI (cold) that I had.  I still have it.  It has been renamed, to give credit to its maker.  Yep, about 6 weeks ago, I worked with a particular nursing team that passed along this amazing virus, while they sniffled and coughed (spewing bits of renegade germs everywhere).  Every time I think I have it beat, it rears up to show me who’s boss!  I worked with the same crew this past weekend.  And guess what’s come to visit again!?!  [Yes, one of my coworkers is Canadian.  She seems friendly enough – but, apparently, she’s part of some evil plot!  Who knew?!? Winking smile]

In between moments of fighting an internal viral war, I had a busy weekend.  Just got to love long holiday weekends in the ER, where a nurse can do any all of the following: Argue (between the lines) with a practitioner (or two); uncover hidden behavioral medicine complaints; care for the dying (and the dozen or so accompanying family members) in an SRO ER; act as the resident MSW; preauthorize admission with an insurance company; care for toddlers who start screaming before you enter the room and will not stop until you leave; explain to a family member (adult child) why it’s not possible to provide a [hair] wash & style in the ED just now;  Etcetera … etcet… CALGONNNN – take me away!

So, now it’s Tuesday (OK – technically the wee hours of Wednesday).  I’ve crash-hibernated and feel I beat the virus back down … for the moment.  Now I can get on with my week: Bottling 3 cases of wine, firing up all three kilns, playing with a few stamp and stencil glass designs, squeeze in a much-needed manicure, and scratch this ‘knitting itch’ … Yep, it’s that time of year.  I have an order (or two) of skeins of yarn on the way and some infinity scarves calling my name … Oh, and wrap and send out glass packages – Thank You Clayton Hill Studio shoppers!!!  Only 23 days until Christmas everyone …

new-stamps new-stencils

drop_stitch_scarf_010906  jeweled elegance blogspot scarf sausalito-dropst-scarf1

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