Feeling Bummed–but working through it …

Tough ER nursing weekend … I was in in charge (yeah, BAD idea) with lots of summer folks (volume – fortunately NOT acuity – PRAISE JESUS!) … Thank Goodness for some great staff, but I don’t like changing hats that frequently.  Add too many bodies to count (patients PLUS their ‘posse’) – all wanting water, juice and/or coffee … End the weekend with my personal heart-wrenching couple (CANCER times TWO – whom I’ve cared for a few times before) … and Yuck … Just Y.U.C.K!!!  [I started this post once already, but needed a few days the week to let it settle …]

So, I’m just about over it.  And, ALMOST ready to run my kilns again (that near-miss studio fire hit HARDER than I thought … Every time I think ‘today is the day’ – I find myself fussing with something else!)! 


I also had my second, or maybe third ‘rejection’ in my life:  I didn’t make a juried show … Well SHOOT(!!!) – that hurt.  [OK, THIRD rejection:  A community production singing musical (Soo doesn’t really count – as I was 12!!!); a job posting (Case Manager at HMC, but I showed them by creating my own position – Just sayin’ …); and now this art show …] While I didn’t cry myself to sleep (like I did when I was twelve  – and again at 20-something when I relived my singing audition via NIGHTMARE while sleeping) … I did STOP for a minute (umm, several hours days …) to re-evaluate.

What I decided: Making STUFF makes me happy.  Selling it makes my accountant (and … yeah – my husband) happy.  (So, while I don’t like being Charge Nurse, I do know stuff about GOOD nursing care – and I’m scanning my produce patients like a GOOD nurse is supposed to …)  So, I’m over it (ok – almost … I still haven’t run my kilns  just yet – But I have plans and ideas!!)!

The great news … I don’t have to be in charge for another two weekends.  (Gulp!)  I have an unexpected (but COVERED vacation!!!)!  I have a beautiful, supportive family!  A-N-D- … I am surrounded by some of the cutest puppies on EARTH!

neapolitan mastiff pup

So, while I will settle in [umm, good thing – since it’s FRIDAY], I’m feeling blessed.  And, I’ve made some pretty nice bracelets along the way (chainmail and Kumihimo) … And Michigan had summer-sunshine, so … Peace Ya’ll!


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