Hi. My name is Kris …

And I am a crack craft addict.  Now that I’ve admitted it, I can show you what I made:

june-bracelets     kumihimo glass necklace

giant-magnifying-glassI have another couple of bracelets on the (kumihimo) disks, along with a watch idea.  I’m waiting for a few chain mail supplies to arrive … and, I think I want to play with 11/0 beads again (- I’ll need to find my mega-magnifying glass though) …

In the meantime, DH has reached a ‘getting old’ milestone (colonoscopy … fun times!), and both of my babies (the twins) are on antibiotics for strep throat.  Thank goodness for some outdoor romp-time with the pups (photos to come)!  Now that everyone is settled in for the night – I can get back to my studio, kilns and jewelry! [Time for my ‘fix’ …]

craft fix excited

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